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Is the sentai of the realms

The sentai god of war ascensión, he beyond a new battle with Melody Tratch with the fist of Zeus and hades never the demons defeat The god of war ascensión.

Name: Light trianicus ascentralis ascension celestialis

Apodes: Spy Master Kenneth 3 Light Kahn The Spy of Sparta Spylander The Heavenly Choosen One


Vital statistics
Aliases Aprendice:Melody Tratch

Spylanders: Atinna Arista Aquata Adella Alana Andrena Ariel Eric Tratch Queen Athena King Triton Sadira and More.....

Species God/Spylander
Gender Magic

Brute Force Spartan Rage and More

Age Eternal
Status most powerful of all the realm's

most brute force

Affiliation spartan rage
Position The Phoenix Revenant

Snake Sentai and Sentailion

Physical Attributes
Eyes green
Height 14.3
Weight 2,43
Personality Statistics
Likes The Realms, The Wars, The Spylanders, His powers and The demon's dead
Dislikes The Demons

The Demolanders and Dark Kahn

Family Tree
Family Mother: Liliana

Father: Eduardo Wife: Hibana Daugthers: Galeem Dharkon Hibaraki Kasen Reimu Hakurei Coraliana Anemona Zara Selphi Rosella Damashi 3 Gemaleon Clemencia Chamballa Bloodia Furiatrix Light Destinya Morphia Thunder sons: Ten piedad Destinio Kenbralis Romero Ken3 junior Strygolyon and The Spylanders

Other Statistics
Voice Actor Kenneth Edward Cuen Moyeda

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