A Cosmonaut dog from Russia who was launched into space in the sixties and gained psychic abilities. Originally imprisoned by the Collector, after escaping, he became the security officer of Knowhere.

Characteristics Edit

Name: Cosmo the Spacedog

Age: unknown (possible 25 in dog years)

Hair color: Brownish-red fur

Eye color: brown

Likes: chew toys, having a scratch behind the ears, frisbies, chasing his own tail

Dislikes: Rocket (he and Rocket don't see eye-to-eye), the Collector (he was imprisoned by him), Thanos, Ronan the Accuser, cats

Powers Edit

  • Psychic abilities: Due to his time in space, Cosmo's mind was enhanced to the point of gaining telepathic and telekinetic abilities, including the ability to mind speak in a Russian accent.

Voice actor Edit

Carlos Alazraqui

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