Dax is the guardian to the current Seablade Bearer, Eric Thatch. He's also a comic relief sidekick to the others, and Yang to Sebastian's Yin.


  • Name: Dax
  • Alias: Little Bottomless Pit, Orange Thunder, Blubber butt, The Powerful, the Pleasurable, the Indestructible Dax
  • Age: physically perhaps 20 (chronologically almost 10,000 years old, maybe older or so)
  • Likes: Clams, fun, adventure, his friends, hanging around Eric, Elsa (Lovestruck with Elsa)
  • Dislikes: Running low on clams, getting into too much trouble, Mer-Eels, Mer-Mantas, especially the Evil Manta, hard work, predators, carnivores, too much responsibility, and failing in his responsibility


Lanky meerkat body with brownish orange fur, a peach underbelly and palms, brown fingers, brown ears, wide smile, wide, bulging eyes, and reddish orange hair.


Dax’s origins are unknown, nor is it estimated as to how long he was with Tia Dalma. But there was one fact known only to him, Tia, and Davy Jones, he was the Guardian for the Third Heart of the Sea, and responsible for making sure that Davy Jones did his job. The first ten years was fairly easy, seeing as how Jones put up with the annoying otter for all the time being. However, once Jones and Tia would finally be together… she didn’t show up.

This angered the pirate turned ferryman to the dead, and scowled at Dax, who didn’t have a complete answer. For this, the poor fellah was tossed out to sea, and sometime later was turned into a statue by Calypso due to his failure. Sometime later, he would play a role in restoring Music to Atlantica and the ocean, telling Ariel the whole story of what happened, disguising himself as the Dax-ler.

Once Ariel was taken to Ursula to make the deal, Tia Dalma awakened Dax, giving him another chance. To be the Guardian to the new Seablade Bearer, and the first task he had was to get Ariel safely to land once she turned human, as well as getting both her and Eric to fall in love together, sharing their first Kiss of True Love. During the Seven days, this plan put him and Sebastian at odds with one another, making them a sort of duo; like Sonny and Cher, or Rita and Runt for some better reasons. The Otter even helped lead them to Tia Dalma, as she gave Eric the Seablade, as well as informed him of who Ariel’s True Love was. He and Eric seemed to hit it off well enough, although the relationship with Max was a bit at odds at first, considering Max made him more out of a chew toy than an otter.

But once Ariel had to leave the seventh day, due to a threat from Ursula, Eric was determined to storm the Flying Dutchman to rescue her. But thanks to Scuttle and a barrage of sea animal army to help, they stalled the ship in time to get there. And with a well-placed butt bite, Dax had smashed the conch shell holding Ariel’s voice, restoring it to her. But it was too late, when she reverted back to Mermaid form on the seventh sunset, but Dax led the way to help Eric, who was transformed due to the Crab Bracelet, straight towards Ursula’s lair, as well as the Kraken’s grounds. The little otter also helped Sebastian and Flounder, by smacking it down on Jimmylegs.

Once the fight was over, and Ariel helped Eric back on land, the otter and King Triton exchanged words on the situation, as well as the destiny. After the plan was settled in, King Triton asked for Sebastian and DAx to look out for both Ariel and Eric… especially Ariel.

That would also be made clear, once the gang went to rescue her from Barbossa and the Black Pearl, with the help from Captain Jack Sparrow. It was shown from that adventure, that Dax knew a whole lot of knowledge about pirates, especially since he once served on a pirate ship.

Later on, during the search for Atlantis, Dax and Max had discovered Wally for the first time, a bit wary of him due to the Krab Bots.

It would also be later on in the story, Rise of Atlantis, more of Dax’s past would be revealed. In that there were other Seablade Bearers before Eric, and that Dax was guardian to at least a few of those ancestors He also knew the adventurers and mentors that the First Seablade Bearer, Sora, befriended, such as the Airblade Master, Auron, and the Dragon of the West, Iroh.


Clever, Quick-Thinking, Slightly Annoying, Courageous, a bit Cowardly, rude, obnoxious, hyperactive, sarcastic, good-natured, Loyal, and Easy Going. To put it bluntly, if Sebastian acts as Ariel’s shoulder angel, Dax would be the Shoulder Devil. While Sebastian persists in stopping Ariel from going on adventures, Dax will always be on her side, encouraging for an adventure. So long as he doesn’t get killed or in danger in the process. But nonetheless, he’s not one to run away from his friends and allies.

Dax at times can be rather selfish and thoughtless at times, but in the end, he has a good heart and is loyal to his friends. Unlike most otters, who work constantly, Dax is a lazy daydreamer which results in him being cast out of his colony. His status at the bottom of the food chain means he relies on stronger animals to protect him once he's on his own, and as such he usually looks out for himself, but nonetheless he never abandons his friends in times of trouble and is willing to risk himself for them.



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Nick Bakay


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