A Faltine from the Dark Dimension and a powerful enemy of the new Chimera Pirates in AKH: TNG.

Characteristics Edit

Name: Dormammu

Age: Unknown

Hair: None (head is covered in fire)

Eyes: Glowing Yellow

Likes: Conquest, destruction

Dislikes: Anyone getting in his way, failure, the Chimera Pirates, Doctor Stephen Strange

Family: Umar (sister), Clea (niece), Sinifer (father)

Background Edit

Born into a history of powerful demons called Faltines, Dormammu and his sister Umar gathered enough energy to overthrow and slay their "father" Sinifer before being sealed away into the Dark Dimension. Now, Dormammu plots his escape and will let nothing stand in his way.

Personality Edit

Dormammu is cruel and unrelenting. He thinks only of conquering other dimensions and is more than willing to stab allies in the back if they so much as slip up even a little bit in their given tasks due to his intolerance of failure.

Skills/Abilities Edit

Sorcery: Dormammu is incredibly powerful in terms of sorcery such as time control, reality manipulation and opening portals.

Mindless Ones: Dormammu can summon up entities known as Mindless Ones to be used as shock troops.

Voice Actor Edit

Johnathon Adams


  • Dormammu was referenced to the Demon in Marvel's Doctor Strange

Quotes Edit

"Come! The gateway is now open! Spread into the night! Feast! Multiply! For this world is ours!"

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