He's very handsome...
―Ariel after seeing Eric in six years, since they were both ten.

Eric Thatch
Vital statistics
Age 16-17
Status Alive
Position Highschool Student

Captain Weilder of Destiny

Physical Attributes
Height 5'7"
Weight 186 lbs
Personality Statistics
Family Tree
Other Statistics

Eric Thatch is the main character, main male character, of the Aquatic Kingdom Hearts.  He is the Chosen One to bear the Seablade, the mythical Fourth Heart of the Sea, to bring Balance to the Three Hearts of the Sea.  Later on, he becomes the captain of the Chimera, as well as The Chimera Pirates. 

Characteristics Edit

  • Name: Eric Thatch
  • Age: 16-17
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Likes: Surfing, swimming, exploring, studying ancient civilizations and myths, legends, stories, and folktales about merfolk, his friends, Ariel
  • Dislikes: His friends and/or Ariel in danger, Ursula, Davy Jones, his family being ridiculed
  • Family: Paul and Maria Thatch (parents-deceased), William Thatch (older brother-missing), Vanellope V.S.Thatch (baby sister-missing)



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Background Edit

Born to a family of explorers, Eric was completely encompassed in such a lifestyle. His head filled with stories from his grandfather, Thaddeus Thatch, ignited a passion of exploration within him. Even the places his parents took him when he was a child, China, Scotland, France, all to unearth ancient legends like the Mandarin, Mor'du the Demonic Bear, or even an ancient flower said to heal any illness, it all was adventurous and wondrous to the young boy. But no one ever believed in their family's tales or exploits, and this caused a wedge in the boy to doubt it all. Until that fateful day, when the Queen Anne's Revenge took his family, his mother and father, away.A terrible storm and a renegade pirate ship, blowing up the cruise ship taking him and his family home changed his life forever. Being blown off the ship, Eric near drowned that night, but was saved by a girl nonetheless. A girl, he learned the next morning, was a mermaid. That first meeting with the girl of his dreams and fantasies, changed the young Thatch's life forever.

From that day forward, he was forever enthralled in the myths and legends of the Merfolk, going as far as studying legends of Atlantis and other legends and historical facts surrounding them.Six years since that day, and young Eric grew up to be a young man instead of a young boy. And six years later, he would meet the same mermaid that saved his life, Ariel. Unfortunately, it was also that he would come face-to-face with Davy Jones, the immortal and tentacle-bearded captain of the infamous Flying Dutchman. Left to drown by Davy Jones, both he and Frey were almost left to die... if not for Ariel, who saves him again. While his friend was half-conscious, he and Ariel managed to catch up after six years, sparking more than friendship, unbeknownst by the two, but more known to Ariel.

A night later, after promising to meet each other again, Eric met up with Ariel again, this time with legs and missing her voice. After meeting with Dax, the little otter explains the situation with the Sea Witch, not bother telling him that it's his kiss that will save her.

Personality Edit

Like most Disney Heroes, Eric is Heroic, handsome, and brave. He's determined to help others around him and not give up on anyone. He isn't one to run away from a fight, unless it's necessary and the battle becomes too much for them to finish in one day. Surprisingly, he's also pretty shy, but only when it comes to the girl that he loves. But with Ariel, he can be pretty romantic with her; able to sweep her off her feet with just a kiss or the right words.

Perhaps the biggest trait is his acceptance of different people or different races, learning that no nation was entirely good or bad, meaning that no one should not blame the people of the nation, but rather its ruler.  As well as whether if you're human or not, it doesn't mean you can't accept them for who they were.  A fact that brought him and Ariel together.

"Nothin.  I'm just a normal high school student in the Caribbean."

Although he is rather strong, he still finds it confusing that an ordinary guy like him is given such a destiny to weild a sword like the Seablade.  So at times, he doubts himself, but with a little help from others, he shoves them aside and knows who he really is.

Skills/Abilities Edit


  • Hydrokinesis and Cryokinesis: Due to being a bearer of the Seablade, the weapon itself allows Eric access on the control and form of water itself.
  • Athletic Physical Body:Due to his participation as part of the swim team, Eric is at physical condition enough to participate in high school-level Olympics, making him pretty capable in a situation that needs him to fight, run, or jump around obstacles.
  • Seablade Master Form: Among these, he has mastered the Master Form; a sort of Avatar State, so to speak. In this form, he enables to control wind currents and waters as a form of weaponry, making him quite unstoppable. Although, he's been known to use this form for only ten minutes, and no more than that.


  • Linguistics:  Like his family, Eric

had studied many of the living and dead languages around the world, making him a budding linguist at such a young age.

  • Combat Skills:  His surfing skills are second-to-none excellent, which sometimes helps out in getting out of tight escape situations. Also, with Jack's help, he has learned profuse skills in using a sword, which becomes great importance once he starts using the Seablade. But with Auron's teaching, he becomes profound in Auron's Airbending sword skills, allowing him to slice at nearly 180 mph, as well as create a gust

of wind that shields him 360.

  • Swordsmanship:  Learning from practicing with himself three hours a day has given Eric a provisional skill in swords.  Along with Jack’s help, he begins to become even better. And with the training of Shang Li and Auron, he has reached the level of Master by the time Atlantis has risen.
  • Sailor Skills:  Despite being of royalty through marriage from his uncle and with Ariel, Eric is an accomplished mariner who is often seen partaking in various duties aboard ships in his own fleet.  Eric is a skilled helmsman as he is seen steering ships in all the stories. He even skewers through Ursula in a split-second hard turn

on the Flying Dutchman derelict as well as assisting his crew members in storms. Eric spends much of his free time out at sea, whether for fishing, exploration, or on a later mission to find his fourteen year old daughter, Melody.


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Yuri Lowenthel


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