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Frey is Eric's first friend, his partner on his adventures, an acrobatic thief, a scoundrel flirt to all women, and a Diamond in the Rough. He is also the Helmsman of the Chimera Pirates.


  • Name: Frey Asapin
  • Age: 16
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Green
  • Likes: Girls, Girls, Girls, Kida
  • Dislikes: Trouble, danger, no girls, Stitch (formerly)
  • Family: Lilo and Nani (cousins), Stitch, Eric (honorable brother)


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"Never Be Normal", would be the phrase most used often to describe Frey. But that's not strange it's his behavior that's more bizarre; he's lazy and completely girl-crazy. He's really girl crazy. Although bright enough to be accepted to Port Royal High, Frey's terrible when it comes to schoolwork. Eric and Frey are considered the two most handsome boys in the school, next to Seifer. And while Eric is largely indifferent to the attention, Frey makes the most of it.

But as amazing as his physical abilities are, Frey's mental abilities are slightly lacking. His test scores are the second lowest in the entire class and she is known as the "Yellow Pheromone Dunce”. Unlike anyone else who have other causes for their academic failings, Frey's weakness is solely due to his own laziness.

Even on the adventurers they’re on, Frey has maintained his humorous and good-natured personality as well as his sense of right and wrong. Frey was clearly very loyal to his friends, family, and allies. Many times over, he had helped them when he could and when he was needed. However, Frey also seemed to realize the importance —and sometimes necessity— of one having to fight their own battles. When the Mandarin attacked Eric, the others rushed in to help him, but Frey told them to stay back, as it was his battle to fight alone. He understood it was Eric's destiny to face Nuada alone, just as it was when Eric had to stay on the Dutchman to stop Ursula.

Frey learned to be flexible. He may have been closed-minded at first, mostly all about magic and fairytale folklore, but that was because he wanted to shake Eric away from a fantasy girl that he probably imagined. Not long after he met Ariel and went on their adventures, Frey began to change, even to the extent that he humbly stood up for Jack against the Navy. As the series progressed, he became more optimistic. He liked to keep smiles on his friends' faces using his wit, sarcastic humor, and overall eccentricity. Frey is an underdog. He’s constantly the one who got beaten upon. Most of his plans failed miserably; however, he bravely kept fighting. Despite his obvious cleverness, Frey sometimes acted very silly, if not outright stupid. He occasionally created ridiculous plans that were nearly impossible to carry out. He was also a general victim of slapstick, often being sent flying or getting struck by things. Fasir even stated, "Your future is full of struggle and anguish. Most of it, self-inflicted". When Frey protested that he did not even read his palm or even read cards or chicken bones, he remarked "I don't need to. It's written all over your face". His sarcastic and strange behavior could sometimes carry over into important decisions.

Perhaps the biggest trait was during his participation in the Rising of Atlantis, was his acceptance of different people of different races, learning that no nation was entirely good or bad, meaning that no one should not blame the people of the nation, but rather its ruler. A trait that helped Kida and Suki make the decision to raise Atlantis.

As he presented Frey with a royal dagger, a gift that was awarded a hero of Agrabah, the Sultan related that it was not his skills that impressed him, but his creativity, versatility and intelligence. All were traits that went beyond mere skills and what defined a great warrior. Frey has a great ability to adapt: He changed where change was needed, learned to love and respect others, embraced his own identity, accepted failure, and formed lasting loyalties. He was willing fight on, even when the cause seemed hopeless. Frey became a master knivesman, and a great warrior like his father.


Gymnastics: Before joining on the Swimming Team, Frey was on the Gymnastics Team. His gymnastics training has given him superior reflexes and reaction time. While he is depicted a skilled gymnast, he is particularly deft with the use scaling on walls with the use of bars as well as the ribbon, to which this applies to the use of his Atlantean Dagger Tail, the Horsesho Crab Dagger, given to him by Kida’s Uncle. He had even said once that he even uses the ribbon as an extending arm, picking small things that are out of his reach. Before joining the swim team and before being booted off the Gymnastics team (mostly due to him flirting with the female gymnasts distrubting their training, in the process), he won fourth place in a recent gymnastics competition. His gymnastics have kept him on par with some of the more difficult opponents.

Knives Combat/Throwing: From a history of playing darts, as well as his father being an expert, Frey has made a simple weapon into the most deadly and useful weapon at his disposal. From ordinary hand knives to foreign ones, Frey is instantly a master at fighting or throwing at them, as well as using hidden blades in his boots or his wrist blades.

Dating Advice: Having a long list of women he had dated or flirted, Frey has become a master in knowing the female mind. Heck, he's probably the only one in existence to know more about women than any man on the planet.

Navigation: Growing up with his Navy father, Frey learned a lot of skill in navigating, whether using a map or the stars, he'll find the way.



Atlantean Dagger Tail

Dagger of Time



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