The Greek God of the Underworld, uncle of Hercules and an antagonist.

Characteristics Edit

  • Name: Hades
  • Age: Unknown
  • Hair: Blue fire (red when angry)
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Likes: Things going his way, power
  • Dislikes: Pain and Panic's incompetence, things not going his way, Hercules, people getting in his way, constantly arguing with Persephone, Zeus, Dead jokes (he runs the Underworld)
  • Family: Zeus (brother), Hera (sister/sister-in-law), Hephaestus (nephew), Hermes (nephew), Hestia (sister), Demeter (sister/mother-in-law), Ares (nephew), Poseidon (brother), Persephone (wife/niece), Rhea (mother), Cronus (father), Athena (niece)


Personality Edit

Name's Hades. Lord of the Dead. Hi, how're ya?

Hades, in lack of a better term, is a hothead. Anything that would set him off does so with explosive results. However, he is a sly, smooth-talking god who is willing to manipulate people to his whim. He is as cruel as he is ruthless. Whenever he does go off, he tends to direct his anger to his minions, Pain and Panic. He also feels somewhat cheated by Zeus and Poseidon for having him rule the Underworld and, despite many visits to the Elysian Fields, is determined to overtake Olympus.

Background Edit

One of the Big Three gods of Greek Mythology (the other two being Zeus and Poseidon), Hades was tricked into becoming the ruler of the Underworld after the three defeated their father Cronus. Since then, Hades has planned for the day he overtakes Olympus and he will make sure no one stands in his way; mortal, immortal or demi-god.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Trying to use a weapon I made against me? What did no one tell ya a god can't be hurt by a weapon they made in the first place? Would you look at this joker? I am offended.
―Hades showing off his immunity to the Fist of Hades to Seifer
  • Fire Control
  • Immunity to the Fist of Hades and Flameblade: Because he was responsible for both weapons' creation, Hades is immune to both weapons. He is NOT immune to the Fist of Zeus.
  • Relative Omnipotence: While not as strong as Zeus, Hades is able to see a vast majority of situations.
  • Mist: Hades is able to shapeshift into, teleport via and create objects out of mist.


Voice actor Edit

James Woods


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