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Jack Stalkman is another Weilder of Destiny among the Chimera Crew. He weilds the Stalk Staff, and is the Fighter of Giants. He serves as a medic of the group, and a pretty good vegetarian cook, helping out some of the more vegetarian members of the crew.


  • Name: Jack Stalkman
  • Age: 16-17
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Likes: Adventure, ramen, Arista (love interest), Chamo
  • Dislikes: Inma in danger or sad, heights (afraid of falling from them)
  • Family: deceased, Chamo (pet, friend, and confidante), the BFG (guardian and friend)



Jack was an eighteen Caucasian British young man with tanned skin, brown hair combed to the left, and spiked at the ends, with brown eyes.

Chimera PiratesEdit

He wore a black turtleneck shirt with the right sleeve missing, and the left sleeve stopping under his elbow, and black fingerless gloves. He also wore a dark yellow hoodie vest with black trim on the sleeves, and white trim on the hood, halfway zipped up to his chest. He also wore dark yellow jean pants with the inner thighs colored black. He also had a black belt around his waist, with two pouches strapped to his thighs and connected to his belt. He also had a black and yellow one-sleeve backpack containing a staff of sorts, and black combat boots. On his right arm was a golden shoulder and arm guard ending at his forearm, with designs of what appeared to be a beanstalk.

Awakened WielderEdit



An adventurous young man, Jack had spent dodging and adventuring with the BFG in Giant Country in his youth, resulting in his mind being somewhat addled by the years of isolation. Though adept at surviving and quick on his feet, Jack hadn't met any others in the valley that he could talk to, resulting in his tendencies of speaking to inanimate objects and his lack of social skill, say for the Giant. Dauntless and brave, however, Jack pressed on, surviving in the dinosaur world, coupling his survival skills with knowledge of the land and its creatures. Jack used Fallon's tooth as a blade and machete, and could also make use of other elements, from berries to vines.



  • Bo Staff Skills:
  • Medical training:
  • Cooking Skills:


  • Beanstalk Staff


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