Kidagakash 'Kida' Nedakh is the second borne princess of Atlantis, as well as the Hunter for the Chimera Pirates.


Name: Kidagakash 'Kida' Nedakh

Age: 16 16 physcially ( 85,000-88,000 years old chronologically; technically in her late teens)

Hair: Silver White

Eyes: Crystal Blue

Likes: Her Family, her People, Frey (boyfriend/husband)Eric (cousin-in-law) Ariel (Friend/cousin-in-law)

Dislikes: Her Friends and Loved Ones getting hurt, her society in decay

Family: Suki Nedakh (older sister), King of Atlantis (father), Captain of the Guard (Uncle)


When she was 4-years-old, Kida and Suki lost their mother to the Heart of Atlantis during the Mamebuk (Great Flood). 88,000 years later, Kida came across the crew of the Ulysseses while she was hunting. She then managed to save one of the crew members, Frey Asapin from a Xeno pack. While the crew was staying at Atlantis, Kida befriended Frey, Princess Ariel, Eric Thatch, Dax and Sebastian and was taught how to respeak Atlantean. During their stay, she began to fall in love with Frey.

On the third and final day, she showed Frey, Ariel and Eric an underwater ruin to learn about the origin Heart of Atlantis. However, it was that time when she, Frey, Eric and Ariel discovered Rourke's true intentions who had kidnapped her sister with help from some of Davy Jones's men. After mortally wounding their father, Rourke discovered the Crystal Chamber where the Crystal bonded with Suki. With her sister kidnapped, Kida joined the others who did not join Rourke and the crew of the Flying Dutchman leading her people by using Ketaks. She then helped free her sister who stopped Atlantis from getting engulfed in a stream of lava before being reunited with her. Kida then chose to go to the surface world to stay with Frey


Kida is the polar opposite of her sister, Sukkikade. As opposed to being uptight and bound to tradition, she is adventurous, inquisitive, a little bit sharp tempered and, at times, reckless. However, she will fight to her last breath to protect her family if she has to. She also has a somewhat laid-back side to her.

She is also a warrior princess, making her strong and very skilled at combat. It is mentioned that several thousand years ago, Kida would have killed outsiders on sight. By the present time, however, Kida has become so curious about Atlantis's past that she is willing to let in outsiders with the hope that they could help her rediscover Atlantis's history, even as far as befriending a mermaid, a supposed enemy of Atlantis in a War to balance the Three Hearts of the Sea, as well as take a liking to Frey. She is shown to love her father, and later Frey, very much. Although she can seem quite forceful, violent, and aggressive at times, she has a kind heart, and a general respect for all creatures.

Differences from the Original MovieEdit

In the original film Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Kida appeared to be in her early twenties while in this she is in her late teens.

She is also far more involved than she was in the original film with Suki taking her place as the host of the Heart of Atlantis.

Her love interest this time is Frey Asapin, a surfer boy as well as Eric Thatch's best friend.

Unlike some of the Hunter/Warriors of Atlantis, she does not have a shoulder-mounted cannon on her armor and instead relies on bladed weaponry.


Hunting/Fighting: spending nearly 10,000 years has hardened but trained her to be a capable fighter, able to fight in rocky and rigid terrains. Making her a capable hunter and fighter.

Royal Blood: Her royal blood enables her to merge with the crystal power source which can protect Atlantis from danger.

Atlantean Crystal: Like all the crystals in Atlantis, it provides power, longevity, and protection.

Bite: She has really sharp teeth.



Voice ActorEdit

Cree Summer

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