I am his death, and I will meet him at each crossroads
―Death revealing she is Eric's Angel of Death

Lady Death
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Death is one of the most powerful beings in the Universe, as she is a force of Reality. Death has one of the highest power limits in the Universe along with Eternity, Infinity, and Oblivion who are also responsible for the Infinity Stones. She is worshiped and loved by Thanos, though she doesn't feel the same way.


  • Name: Death
  • Age: Unknown (been around since the beginning of life)
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Likes: Interfering or Intervening in Fate
  • Dislikes: Being cheated
  • Family: Eternity, Infinity, and Oblivion


Often taking the form of a woman, (although she sometimes flashes in between as a skeleton) Death is the personification of death. She came into existence with Eternity, Infinity, and Oblivion at the start of all existence. Like her "siblings" she is nearly omnipotent.


It is for you to decide that. 'Tis all the same to me. My heart is filled with dust... and sand
―Death explaining to Ariel her feelings on saving Eric's life
Death has many rules as well. But you BROKE yours. And now you continue to cheat me, even after all these years. How dare you? HOW *DARE* YOU!?
―Death before executing the Sanderson Sisters once and for all
Death has no concept of good or evil, Eric Thatch. It is simply a fate all must abide to one day.
―Death explaining to Eric after asking her why she has saved him twice by now.

As a being that has lived, watched, and ferried the dead, she has lost the value of life, but carries a deep understanding that death is needed. She is indifferent to anyone's plight, but will intervene if someone makes the choice she gives them to either let them live or die. But she does give fair warning on the actions that the person makes for choosing that action.

As an entity of the very force of Death, Lady Death is an omnious and foreboding figure who displays no emotion whatsoever, but is capable of speaking in a way that can impress some form of feeling yet retain a deep and forbidden monotone.

She sees Death as rest from the hardships of Life, and is devoted to protecting the dead; thus she allows for no resurrection as it goes against the Grand Design, and makes simple reasons as to why resurrecting the dead is unthinkable.

She seeks to preserve the balance of life and death, reasoning a planet without death could never support infinite numbers of lives, and cares not for who dies or how or why, reasoning all are equal in death, and goes as far as to state Death itself is moot, that the point of death is to be pointless to begin with.

She also hates to be cheated as she is the one to strip Ursula of her soul once and for all proclaiming "Eric Thatch shall die one day... but it will not be by your hand!" She is also responsible for killing the Sanderson sisters, not just for trying to kill Eric Thatch before his time, but also for cheating her of their souls even after more than three hundred years.


Cosmic Awareness

  • Death Touch
  • Divine Powers
  • Immortal
  • Invulnerability
  • Necromancy
  • Phasing / Ghost
  • Sense Death
  • Shape Shifter
  • Siphon Lifeforce
  • Soul Absorption
  • Super Strength


Voice ActorEdit

Sarah Chalke


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