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Morgana is the younger sister of the Sea Witch, Ursula. She took Ursula's place on the day that Melody was born, attempting to threaten to end her life in exchange for both the Trident and the Seablade. However, her scheme was thwarted, but she attempted to get them again when Melody was fourteen.


  • Name: Morgana
  • Age: Possibly 30s or 40s
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes:
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Family: Ursula (elder sister)



Morgana is as cruel as her own sister. She shows that she hates being criticized in the movie when she berates Undertow for comparing her to Ursula. Morgana is deceitful, baleful, and ruthless. She wants to steal the trident and rule the seven seas to prove her superiority over her sister. Morgana lacks her sister, Ursula's, deviousness and subtlety. She also is not as good as using potions as her sister was, as shown when Morgana fails all attempts to turn Undertow back into a huge shark. Morgana is shown to have funny though malicious sense of humor.

Though Morgana's personality differs she does have the same objective as Ursula, although she is driven more by the desire to accomplish what Ursula could not rather than getting revenge on Triton. Many people think she is much less interesting Ursula. Despite this however, Morgana is exceptionally cunning in her own right, as she easily manipulates Melody into stealing the trident for her. She also manages to hang on to the trident longer than Ursula. Although she ultimately desired vengeance against Ariel and Eric for their role in Ursula's death, she also at the same time hated her due to her neglect from her mother, as the latter favored Ursula far more.




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