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Mozenrath is a young evil sorcerer and necromancer, accompanied by an army of zombified warriors and his experiment: a pet floating eel named Xerxes.




Mozenrath is a psychopathic villain whose primary concerns are the accumulation of power and conquering the seven deserts, and possibly the world. He is calm and calculating, and will step on anyone to achieve his goals. Mozenrath is refined and sophisticated as well as possessed of a dry, cynical sense of humor. He is also extremely arrogant, as he considers other people below him, not to mention frequently underestimating his opponents.

Mozenrath's appearance is practically the inverse of Frey. He dresses richly and is very pale, as opposed to the tanned and poorly outfitted Frey. Another opposite is in method, with the physically weak though highly intelligent Mozenrath employing magic and extensive arcane knowledge as opposed to Frey's physical prowess and ability to cleverly adapt. These factors all suggest that Mozenrath is likely meant to be a foil for Frey: both are young, clever, resourceful and determined but are also very different in personality; it is also interesting to note that Mozenrath is sadistic and cruel, whilst Frey is compassionate and genuinely cares about people or those he considers his friends.







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Jeff Bennett


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