Before I was on this mission, I thought it was only great power that can controls everything. But that’s not what I have found. I've found it was the small things; everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keeps the darkness at bay. Simple acts of kindness and love. Why am I with you guys? Perhaps it’s because I am afraid... and it’s being with all of you that gives me courage.
―Olette telling her reason why she wants to stay with her friends

Vital statistics
Aliases Olette, the Dark Little Mermaid, Scarface
Age 16
Physical Attributes
Hair Raven Black with a White Streak
Eyes Violet
Personality Statistics
Likes Gothic clothing, creating new ways to use her Bloodbending, manipulating others, Chinese checkers, Seifer (secretly when she starts to learn more about him)
Dislikes Humans, the scars under her right eye, being betrayed, being alone
Family Tree
Other Statistics
Olettah, or Olette to her friends, is a Dark Mermaid, Sorceress apprentice of Ursula, and later on fellow adventurer with Ariel and Eric's crew, as well as Seifer's girlfriend/wife. Later on in the story, it is later on discovered that she is a demi-god, and not a mermaid. She is also a sorceress in training, as she is the magic expert of the Chimera Pirates.


  • Name: Olettah
  • Age: 16 (later 28)
  • Hair: Raven Black with a White Streak
  • Eyes: Violet
  • Likes: Gothic clothing, creating new ways to use her Bloodbending, manipulating others, Chinese checkers, Seifer (secretly when she starts to learn more about him)
  • Dislikes: Humans, the scars under her right eye, being betrayed, being alone
  • Family: Birth Family; Unknown, adopted Parents; King and Queen of the Northern Atlantican Kingdom, Kane Norrington (son), Seifer Norrington (husband)




Adventure AttireEdit


Olette is the adopted daughter, and princess, of the Northern Atlantican Royal Family. Even when she was a young child, Olette demonstrated her natural talents in waterbending early in life. Her sharp wit and the skill she displayed towards Water Bending gained her much attention and acclaim, and her father showed her obvious favoritism.

However, that all changed when her kingdom was destoryed by greedy humans. They were all captured and detained in a butcher plant, shaped like a prison, so that later they would be consumed by them. the humans believed that by eating their flesh, they would become immortal, and Olette was often picked out slowly, leaving three crescent moon-shaped scars under her right eye, which she hides.

For three years she created and practiced in making a new art out of Waterbending, in order to ensure her escape… the Art of Bloodbending. With it, she escaped and somehow met up with Ursula, becoming her spy in the dark, doing all the jobs that require not to get noticed.

Now she has a much more important job: Find the Darkblade Master, and retrieve the Spear of Longinus and the Sapphire Army.

However, this mission will cause her dark exterior to deteriorate, as she regains things that she lost when her kingdom was destroyed: Friends, trust with others, and perhaps… love.


Olette is a complex young woman. Orphaned as an infant, she was adopted and rasied by the royal mermaid family of the Northern Altantican City, learning their ways and groiwng up, without the knowledge of who she was, only having the pendant around her neck as the only evidence of her birth family. Ever since she and her people were kidnapped by fisherman humans and held prisoner for consumption, she was raised by the humans who scarred her to be a cruel, ruthless young lady and to manipulate people by controlling them through fear.

Talented and cruel due to her cruel torture by the humans, Olette revels in both her Waterbending skills and her position as a spy for Ursula. She delights in her Bloodbending over the humans, torturing them as she was tortured too. Olette is highly intelligent and somewhat scheming at every second. Perhaps most telling is her demonstrated willingness to manipulate and deceive both friend and foe alike to achieve her objectives.

Ironically, for all her refinement and self-confidence, Olette does retain some insecurities. Although she is shown as a good strategist and capable of predicting what her enemies will do, she has a disadvantage in ordinary social situations. In particular, she does not know how to act around teenage boys, whom she tends to intimidate. She later admits her jealousy over how much attention Ariel receives from Eric, seeing as how she doesn't know how to act truly around a boy.

It later becomes apparent that her bullying and abusive treatment of people, even "friends" such as Seifer and Brutus, stems not only from her cruel nature but a deep-rooted fear and inability to trust others.

This shaped Olette's fears that she couldn't count on love or affection from anyone, no matter how close they seemed. Unable to trust others, she instead tries to dominate them through fear - a paranoia that nearly drives her insane following the betrayal of Seifer at the battle of Shangri-La. Most of Olette's strain though, is from her birth parents, whom she felt deserted her. Possibly the only person to whom she feels accountable, Olette is anxious to please Ursula, so that she won't think of her as a failure. Olette won't settle for the slightest infraction in anything, and always plans 5 steps ahead to avoid anything that could mess up her perfect image with the Sea Witch.


  • Manipulation:
  • Combat:Olette is a very difficult person to defeat in a one-on-one battle.


This ability is passed on from the Patriarch of the Merpeople, Poseidon, who was disgused as the Moon. He then taught it to the first Grand-Masters, Twi and Laa. They then taught the Merfolk this ability, but it was soon forgotten later as time went on. Only a few had retained memory of this gift, and continue to teach and perfect this lost art. Her excellent Waterbending abilities, hand-to-hand combat skills, quickness, and intelligence makes her a formidable foe for just about anyone.


Olette is proficient in the difficult technique of using Bloodbending, a darkened form of Waterbending, considering she had developed the dark art in the first place. As she is the one that created it, she has found much potential with it. Her control and manipulation of fluids within a person's body can have many different effects. For instance, bloodbending could potentially be used to crush or disrupt the activity of a victim's internal organs. In a similar manner, it could be used to pressurize, boil, or cool the water inside the body of an opponent, killing them in the process. The technique could even be used to completely extract water from one's body, imitating the technique used with plants. She has done this before, by killing Shan Yu's double.

  • Potential Good: Despite its dark capabilities, Olette has shown that bloodbending is and could also be beneficial in healing, as it could be utilized to maintain gashes and wounds, as well as prevent loss of blood. More so, bloodbending could be used to alleviate blood clots and internal wounds, and can prove to be beneficial in life-or-death situations. Bloodbending could also help in cardiac arrest, as it can be utilized in helping the heart beat if it were to stop by bending blood into and out of the heart.

A Bloodbender like Olette has shown that she is capable of levitating her victims in the air in a similar way that waterbenders can lift water. Additionally, it can be used to knock its victims unconscious.

Magic UserEdit

Later on, it's found out that Ursula taught her a few things about magic.


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Dove Cameron

Trivia Edit

  • Olette's main colors are purple, symbolizing power and mystery.


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