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Orpet is one of two magic carpets in the Cave of Wonders. As Carpet goes to Aladdin, Orpet hangs around Frey, though proves to be a handful due to his wild nature. Later on, his bond and trust with Frey calms him down, making him quite a useful and clever ally of the Chimera Pirates.


  • Name: Orpet (mashup of Orange Carpet)
  • Age: Thousands of Years
  • Hair: None
  • Eyes: None
  • Likes: Flying, Wild rides, Misbehaving (formerly), Frey and Kida
  • Dislikes: Being scolded, ill treatment, being unwanted
  • Family: None


Orpet is a multicolored carpet mostly of orange, green and gold with a distinctive pattern, with tussles on the four ends of the carpet acting as hands and feet.



Despite being a carpet, Orpet is a character of many traits and pure of heart but has a mischievous streak at times, and mostly when he first meets with Frey.

He was a bit shy when he first encountered Frey, Kida, Lilo, and Stitch, but was curious enough to nervously fly over to investigate; eventually hiding once Frey and Kida first saw him or whenever Abu looked over. Aladdin had to coax him out of hiding, and soon, he stays stuck to Frey, but slowly along the way, he befriends him and risks his own life to save him. One thing he does not enjoy is how Frey always flirts even though he and Kida are in love with each other, which was the only time he showed any annoyance towards Frey.

He also seems to be very intelligent, as well as perceptive, more so than most other characters. He is usually the one that figures out what's going on before anyone else, though he has trouble expressing it to Frey and his friends due to his lack of ability to speak or make any sounds. On top of his intelligence, he is very compassionate but occasionally lets his kindness speak over his common sense. Unlike Genie or Iago, he's not a sore loser.

He has shown to possess an almost human level of intelligence, such as being shy, heroic, romantic, and unquestionably loyal, and mischievous at times, mostly at enemies.



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