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General Nuada, a former loyal servant of Atlantis, attempted to cleanse the world of Merfolk and Humans. However, the First Seablade Bearer defeated him. Now in the Present, he seeks to Awaken the Sapphire Army, and his weapon, Laputa: the very tool that led to Atlantis's destruction. The title of Mandarin was then passed on to a human being who came across the Makluan Rings, ten powerful rings connected to ten dragons.


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The Past Turned LegendEdit

Nearly nine thousand years ago, a mysterious person, calling himself Nuada, had come out of nowhere and had raided the lands of China with a drive to conquer the known world. Those who tried to defeat him, led to defeat; however, it was said that Nuada had created the backbone and heart for the civilization of the Eastern World. He had taught them to write, agriculture, building, irrigation, forging, and even the invention of medicine and fireworks.

But there were those who saw his true purpose: to conquer the whole world than simply half of it. To that end, assassins were sent to kill him but failed. The villages or groups that had sent them, were soon defeated and slain. Then, after he had conquered his enemies, he had forced them to build his kingdom, the Sapphire City, as well as the Great Wall of China. When his enemies had become useless, he slew them, and had their bodies buried under the Great Wall.

After both were done, Nuada, now calling himself the Mandarin or Dragon Emperor, had forged for him five beast-like guardians or generals, calling them the Five Elementals. Each one was created from a forging furnace; their bodies composed of steel and shaped into different creatures, all glowing and in control of the Five Elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Steel, and Wood.

But it was still not enough for him; for him there were just two things left to conquer: the world and death. To that end, he called forth his one and only Alchemist, who knew the means to both his ends. The Alchemist had convinced the Mandarin to allow him to create a vast army of unstoppable and indestructible soldiers. The Mandarin ordered it to be done, and in less than a month, seventy times seventy soldiers were forged from molten steel, armed, and awaiting for its master's call.

In order to power and control such a vast army, the alchemist had forged for the Mandarin, a sacred spear, the Spear of Longinus. With its immense power, Nuada was given control over the Five Elements, as well as control over the Sapphire Army. The spear was designed to be used by those of royal blood, and activated when the Mandarin spoke out, 'I, Nuada, the Emperor of the Known World, call upon the right to command the Sapphire Army. Is there anyone in this room to challenge my right?' And no one dared to question as the Sapphire Army were powerful, obedient, and deadly. 'An uprising was sent out to fight off against the Mandarin, but this time it would be different. The ground beneath the enemy's feet shook as the earth itself shook as well. And then dark shadows crept over them as the armies fought against the newly battle-ready Sapphire Army. The Sapphire Army knew no hunger… no fatigue… no mercy, as no survivors or prisoners were taken.

To that end, the people of China sought out help to defeat him. And when all seemed lost, a blue knight along with a water sorceress. They told the citizens that they would vanquish this horrible and immortal tyrant once and for all. After the two had broken into the Sapphire City to face against the Mandarin. It was a fierce battle between the knight and the Mandarin, until finally… the Mandarin had defeated the Blue Knight, impaling him upon the spear that controlled the Mandarin's unstoppable army, and then stabbed the sorceress. However, using her blood and splattering it on the Mandarin's face, she had cursed him and his army. By using her blood, she had caused his body to react and cover him in living clay, hardening it and him into a terra cotta statue.

When that was done, his Five Elementals were deactivate without their master's presence. The Spear of Longinus was broken into three pieces; one staying in China, the other in Africa, and the final piece somewhere hidden from the world. With that done, the Sapphire City was swallowed up by the Earth, never to be seen again. The Sapphire Army had disappeared into the Earth as well, waiting for its master's call; sleeping, waiting, and indestructible.

A New Mandarin Edit

The title of Mandarin was then passed on to a human being who heard of the legends of Nuada where he crafted himself a suit of armor and discovered the ten Makluan rings; elemental rings connected to ten dragons, one of which was Fin Fang Foom.


Nuada is anti-humanist , as well as anti-merfolkist, and focused on preserving only his own kind by destroying both races, believing that acceptance and peaceful coexistance was only a dream, even if it came from Calypso. But in actuality, he is not evil. He is merely the product of a soldier only bred and raised for that sole purpose.

The new Mandarin is much calmer and calculating.





Voice ActorEdit

Luke Goss (Nuada)

Tohoru Masamune (Mandarin II)


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