The sister of Dormammu and the mother of Clea.

Characteristics Edit

Name: Umar

Age: Unknown

Hair: Black (formerly nothing but flames)

Eyes: Green (formerly yellow)

Likes: Clea, toying with Stephen Strange

Dislikes: People insulting her, being compared to her brother, those who treat her daughter poorly, being unable to transform into her Faltine state, those believing they understand what real power is

Family: Clea (illegitimate daughter), Stephan Strange (son-in-law), Dormammu (brother), Sinifer (father), Orini (consort)

Background Edit

The twin sister of Dormammu, Umar was cursed into a human form by her own brother upon being exiled into the Dark Dimension. While Dormammu became the realm's ruler, Umar left and had an affair with the Mhuuruk Orini, thus giving her a daughter, Clea.

Personality Edit

You think you are deserving of true power? You have no idea what power IS!
―Umar putting the Sanderson Sisters in their place

Umar is much more reserved than her brother although she can be offended by those who either mistake her for a mere human or if they believe themselves wielding true power. Despite this, she seems to coddle her illegitimate daughter Clea.

Powers/Abilities Edit

  • Sorcery: Being a Faltine like her brother, Umar is skilled in powerful magic.

Voice Actress Edit

Cate Blanchett

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the comics, Umar is not a subordinate of her brother and was turned human by him as opposed to becoming human by giving birth to Clea.
  • Another departure from the comics is Umar tends to coddle Clea despite her being the reason she could not turn back into her Faltine form in the comics.
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