Wally is an Atlantean robot brought back to life by the Atlantean team. Despite his intimidating appearance, he's rather shy and curious, but behind that personality, he's got an arsenal of Atlantean firepower


Name: Wally

Height: 7-8 feet in height

Weight: 340 lbs.

Eyes: Crystal glowing blue

Hair: none

Likes: Exploring around Port Royal, Frey, Lilo

Dislikes: Being shut down

Family: the Heart of Altantis (Father), Kida (babysit-ee), Chimera Pirates (family)


Little is known about the Turtle Robot of Atlantis from the old days before the Great Flood. But like all the other robots, he shared a link with the Heart of Atlantis. The Turtle Model types built for Atlantis were designed as bodyguarrds and a somewhat babysitter for younglings as they grew up. Wally was as such bodyguard, as well as babysitter, to the two princesses of Atlantis, Suki and Kida. He had looked over the two, but grew especially closer to Kida, whom was amazed at how small she was. To Kida, she had an older brother who guarded her, as an older sibling would. He was even as so kind as to scoop up her stuffed animal when the Great Flood began.

But alas, the bond between the two was severed once Atlantis was relocated underground. Afterwards, the King decreed that all machinery would be banned from the city, in order to prevent the foolishness from happening again that would allow another disaster to befall their people. And so with a heavy heart, Wally gave one final goodbye to Kida, who shed tears for him before her father deactivated him, and hid him in the Trinity Temple to where the fabled Fist of Zeus was kept for the Seablade Bearer to come.

10,000 years later, Wally would be reactivated again by a band of explorers searching for the fabled Heart of Atlantis. And by that activation, it was Eric who had done so, but was befriended by Ariel, who saw a friendly heart beneath the scary sihlouette. And it was also Frey whom had given him his new name. At first an outsider but soon welcomed as the odd ball of the group, as well as the only one that could tolerate Cookie's food.

After they had discovered the City and asked only three days to resupply, they are given a chance to explore the city. Initially, Wally and Kida had met once again, but due to being deactivated for nearly 10 millennia, Wally's memories were a bit sketchy; he couldn't remember the princess at all, but felt a bond to her nonetheless. And this bond continued to grow, even as Kida left with Eric, Ariel, and the others back to the surface where they continued their adventures.

Wally now resides in with the Thatch household, living in the garage, and turning it into a treasure trove. Usually from stuff he finds at the local dump, in which he met Lilo for the first time. As the Mandarin storyline comes along, a bond somewhat like the one he had with Kida once, would soon be just as strong with two individuals, Lilo and Stitch.


Because Wally has been alone for thousands of years, he has developed a "glitch": sentience and a personality. He has become very curious and he collects anything interesting he can find during his job. Even though he still obediently follows his directive, Wally can get distracted, collecting some of the trash rather than compacting it all. His most prized possession, "Hello, Dolly!", teaches him how to hold hands, which he considers the way to say "I love you."

He has become very lonely, having nobody but himself as company, and is beginning to wonder whether there is more to life than his directive. So when he meets Eric, Ariel and the others, he finds friendship. Wally is very protective of his friends, including Lilo and Vanellope.

Wally’s friendly demeanor has an effect on others as well as the other robots he meets. For instance, he causes Stitch to act on his own, leaving his pre-set directive to collect the pieces of the Spear of Destiny and give it to Nuada, and he teaches TYP-E how to wave good-bye. He also breaks other robots out of the technology-induced reverie that consumed the lives of all the other passengers aboard Shangri-La, wherein they learn how to enjoy the world and each other's company for the first time in their lives.

Most importantly, he is instrumental in Stitch's growth and development, from rigidly following his programming to learning how to become more than what he was made of.


Wally was built to be sturdy much like the shell on his back. He is also given super strength, though how much he can lift has yet to be determined. However, it has been shown he possesses blaster cannons from the openings in his palms. Other weaponry included a laser in his mouth, as well as two cannons popping up from his shell. His digits allow him to crawl on any surface, much like something Nostradamus didn't predict would come out.

And as a result of not being maitenanced, his vocal processor was damaged or not updated, so for a way to talk, he usually beeps, blurts, or uses a radio frequency to speak through radio messages, songs, or audio stories.


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