Winifred, the Genius and leader of imbeciles
Hey, they resent that
―Doctor Strange and Winifred
Winifred 'Winnie' Sanderson
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Winifred is the Smart One of the Sanderson Sisters, making her the really evil mastermind of the three.


  • Name: Winifred Sanderson
  • Age: 316 years old (physically 16 when dead)
  • Hair: Curly Red
  • Eyes: Green
  • Likes: Being Young and Beautiful, being in control, her book, sucking the lives out of little children
  • Dislikes: Her sisters' idiocy (Sarah mostly), people calling her ugly, Stephen Strange
  • Family: Mary and Sarah Sanderson (sisters... unfortunately)



Winifred is cruel to everyone she meets, especially her sisters at times. Unlike her sisters, she's smart and scheming, making her the official leaders of the sisters that she has to remind them of the seriousness or gravity of the situations they are in. She is also selfish and vain, wanting to preserve her own beauty and youth above her own sisters. She even tried to suck the life out of Eric by herself, rather than share him with her sisters (an act that unfortunately for her attracted the attention of an angry Lady Death). She is also disgusted at times due to the situation. However, she is afraid of the Sorceror Supreme, Doctor Strange.


  • Knowledge of the Dark Arts
  • 'Electrokinesis


  • Magic Book



Voice ActorEdit

Bette Milder


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